Coronavirus and Immigration Law

Coronavirus and Immigration Law: Cases still Active Despite Office Closures

The US immigration system is a complicated one, and a successful application requires more than filling out forms.

Last week I had a phone consultation with a gentleman who had been a greencard holder for over 10 years, who is now facing the possibility of deportation because of a mistake in forms that he did not even realize he had made. He had successfully navigated the entire greencard process for himself, his wife, and his child without the aid of an attorney. It was only when he filed for citizenship that the immigration authorities caught the mistake. His old unintentional error now presents him with the possibility of deportation for him and his entire family, despite the fact that they have spent the last decade building a life in the United States.

The coronavirus epidemic has upended the world order in a short amount of time and the US immigration system is no exception. USCIS has cancelled all greencard or asylum interviews, citizenship oath ceremonies, and fingerprinting appointments until at least May 4, 2020. Immigration courts all over the country have cancelled all non-detained hearings until that time as well. (Immigrant advocates have sued the government to similarly cancel all detained hearings for the protection of the judges, attorneys, and the immigrants themselves.) In short, changes in the post-coronavirus immigration landscape have greatly accelerated in the last few weeks.

However, despite the cancellation of interviews and court hearings, both USCIS and immigration courts are still accepting filings as of this writing. We are still getting receipt notices and approvals for work permits and greencards despite the slowdown in operations by immigration authorities. In the rapidly changing landscape, now more than ever it is necessary to have the aid of competent legal advice before taking any step.

If you are concerned about how the pandemic may affect your immigration case, contact Haq Law today. While we are not currently accepting in-person appointments until  at least May 4, 2020, our office staff is working remotely and is able to do so successfully because of our secure cloud-based system technology. We are here for you through phone, text, or email. We wish you and your families safety and good health.

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